Amber Short

My name is Amber Murayama Short. Born in the great USA of Novemeber 15 1980, residing in Elk Grove California. I am a piano player and have been for 25+ years. I enjoy it immensily.

I have studied at Sacramento State University and have a double majors which include classic piano performance and music composition.

I currently am employed at Perfect World Entertainment and enjoy being with such a diverse group of people. I work as an Audio Assistant and produce music or sound effects for various clients.

On my free time which isn't as much, I like to relax and play a few games. Or continue playing piano for leisure. I love to make beautiful sounds as best as I can. I also have written a piece pieces for Purina which I enjoyed throughly.

I go by the moniker PMG Projects which is my own little business regarding my music I create. I create various style of music but my main is classical, jazz and film. I am currently working on my first instrumental CD calles Dreams and working on a game project.

I am happily married to the love of my life to Brian Short. My inspiration and my happiness.

  • Education
    • California State University, Sacramento