Ambika Kempers

Small Business Owner in Hamburg, Deutschland

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Always outside on my scooter till school, I spent the time beside school in any kind of water, to swim like a fish, till it ended by a serious kidney sickness that ended my childhood as well. 7 years learning the basics about relationships and my cretaive skills and talents resulted in raising a boutique were a handcrafted clothes and sold italian fashion, picked directly in Florence/Italy wish always gave me an excuse to visit this beautiful spot frequently. At the same time I started to work as a freelance stylist for fotoproductions travelling to Spain, Jamaica, Haiiti, USA; Israel etc. as another welcome oppurtunity to work and be outside. In my late twenties a started following a master and got fairly envolved and occupied by this. Also I noticed for the first time my exhaustion by not setting healthy limits in all the different ways of consuming life with all its "goodies". Sleep and meditation started to become a big roll in this time of my life, slowly recharging my batteries and I started working as y yoga and callanetics and later pilates instructor. Then there were following 18 years of raising my daughter, while I pulled out my experiences in dressmaking and used it for interior design and designed a small line of costumized bookcovers and little cosmeticbags. Through all these last years I couldn't stop thinking of living in a place with light and warmth - I lived my entire life in Hamburg/Germany - and so 5 years ago I moved to beautiful Mallorca where I started as a caretaker/housesitter and now rent out a few holiday places in a small village in the mountains by the sea and sew for the natives, while I start to connect myself with the people I am interested in, through the new media like I am doing right now in this moment! Thanks to everyone who has walked the way before!

The foto underlying the text is a work of my lovely, talented daughter Mukti! Thanks to her presence in my life!

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