If you were thinking some kind of magician, you might be wrong, but then again, you might be right, because this guy isn’t just any old press play DJ, he makes those tunes blend and mash together like some kind of magical mystifying musical wizard man!

Ambo Magic, is a DJ based out of South London. He is most known for performing his individual sound and styles blending alternative unconventional genres together, including taking influence from his Asian roots to blend urban house, electro and hip hop with the South Asian funky Bolly Bhang twangs and tweaks that we all know and love, putting his own magical wizardry and seamlessly mashing them creating live alternate versions always keeping you wondering what he's going to play next and saying "I can't believe he just did that!"

Music was always a big part of Ambo's life. From a very young age, he was surrounded by it; having an uncle who was a harmonium and keyboard player, plus the many traditional Indian folk instruments at home, it was only natural that he took a keen interest in music. Throughout his life, he toyed with different forms of the art, but never really found his way until he reached university. This was where he became good friends with renowned DJ and producer, Jas Panesar, and rapper, Lightnin MC. This was where his obsession with the role as DJ began. Starting out as a roadie back in 2004, Ambo watched intently and observed and the art of djing from behind the frontline, while night after night Jas Panesar would tear up a dancefloor by just playing the right selection of tunes, mixing and blending them up - Ambo was mesmerised and had to try it. With the help from Jas, he was able to master the basics on a pair of CD decks, after which he saved enough money to buy his own set and get to practice. After a hell of a lot of practice, Ambo got involved with promoting club nights alongside his musical friends; this gave him the perfect platform to showcase his new found talent, playing warm up sets to small numbers in small club rooms, paying his dues, set by set, increasing in confidence and experience, honing his craft, until one day back home in Croydon he landed his first residency at Red Square in Croydon, and as he would say "good times were had there" - the rest, as they say, is history!

Ambo's influence comes from an unexpected mix of his parents throwing him in the car and force feeding him 60