Bangalore, India.

If you ever wondered that can there be someone who is lazy to the core, always sleepy and day dreaming, then I guess, I would fit the bill. I believe that human beings are meant to laze around and do nothing. Its a miracle, and I wonder myself, how I managed to clear exams and have a successful career. And yes, all this being completely lazy.... No, I have never put in effort to achieve anything. I am against the word "effort". Why put effort?

World would be such a peaceful place if everyone becomes lazy to do anything :) Anyway, to kill time, I spend most of it in clicking snaps, going on bike rides, read and write. Biking gives me the much needed fresh oxygen and photography makes me live my memories.

If you are lazy, and still interested, then connect with me. We never know where our laziness would take us together. Let's all of us create a lazy and peaceful world.

  • Education
    • Post Graduate in Business Management