Ahmed Othman

Alexandria, Egypt

Professional Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience developing (scalable, highly available, high performance) enterprise and midsize web applications using cutting edge programming languages and tools.

I have worked with different types of applications:
1- Content based applications, which serve a huge amount of data to a huge number of users, (al-eman.com and Hawaaworld.com)
2- Service oriented applications, which serve other services or other web sites, in which down time is not an option. (Mubasher.info the backend and Intafeen the platform)
3- Real time applications, in which millisecond costs a lot of money, like stock market application and services. (Mubasher.info the website)
4- I also built my own startup, in which I was responsible for the the entire project from the idea and investor presentation, to the application building inside out from the backend and cloud hosting and scaling up and down, to client facing design.

  • Work
    • Software Engineer
  • Education
    • Computer Science