Amelia Gebler

Amelia Gebler is a stylist and costume designer based in Sydney. Having originally started her career in fashion, she moved on to advertising, film and television, her passion for character and expression motivating her. It is the ability of dress and styling to express and assert personal individuality and to tell a story that lies at the core of her design process.

As well as TVC's for brands such as Coca Cola, General Pants, Virgin, Citibank, Milo, McDonalds, and Sony, she is the costume designer on popular television shows, The Moody's, The Checkout, The Hamster Wheel and other not yet released programs. She is the style mentor for Telstras 'Telstra Road to Discovery', teaching upcoming performers about the language and application of styling for performance.

Amelia has a firm belief that the language of style is an important communicative device and, harnessed correctly and understood, can play a positive role in vividly and creatively expressing ones identity and personality to oneself and to the world.

Costume and clothing can often be the first visual cues an audience receives as to the story of a character. Good collaboration and understanding of character, social standing, history and purpose are at the core of any costume designer objectives.