amy amelina

Student in Semenyih, Malaysia

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Hi! I'm Amy. I'm a full-time student of UPM and I’m taking Bachelor Statistic.

Appreciation ^-^

What people appreciate about me is im a funny person. I love to tell jokes,make them laughs. Im a cheerful person,a strong girl who doesn't give up easily and im proud of myself. Im a plussize girl and im not shame with it because there is nothing wrong with size,what matters most in life is a good heart which keeps you beautiful forever.

What is important to me is my family. I want give them the best especially my parents. I want sends them for Hajj and this is one of my goals in my life. My perspective for eduction is simple. Education is a process which we discover something and education can be a powerful weapon in our life.

Lastly,how to support me is feel free to tell me if i did something wrong so that i can improvised myself. Thank you ^-^