Amer Mezian

Project Manager, ICT-specialist, and Customer support in Tampere, Suomi

I believe customers are an important part of your corporation. To keep your corporation thriving, you need satisfied customers. To keep your customers satisfied you need someone who looks after them.

I've started my career at age of 16 as campground assistant. I have studied myself as a restaurant chef and I’m voluntarily working as security officer - not to mention my career in Institute of Medical Technology. When you look back in time, you’ll notice a couple things in common with my work history: customer service and cooperation with people.

I'm a Technical ICT Specialist and my expertise are project management and customer service. I believe that finding a satisfying solution is the key to success.

When you need a reliable customer service, project management or an ICT technician with immediate solutions, you know who to contact.

If I can help you with anything please let me know.

  • Work
    • Campwire
  • Education
    • Computer Technology
    • Computer Systems Technology
    • Computer Science
    • ICT support