American Linkage™ is a leading manufacturer of custom, personalized LED shift linkages for Harley-Davidson® and most other domestic cruiser-style motorcycles. Our linkages are made of the highest grade surgical stainless steel and include 3D lettering on a mirror finished lens and 12 volt LED back lighting. All hardware; Teflon® SS rod ends and new SS bolts, come included.


Changing the message on your linkage is a snap... Literally! Extra lenses with additional messages can be purchased at $29.95 each and can be swapped out simply by popping out one lens and snapping in another. This can be done even while the linkage is still installed.


Once we ship your new lens it's a 5 minute change out right on the bike! Most times we can ship same day as ordered. 2 day free shipping.

Only $199.00 and in the US you will have your new Linkage in 4 days! We will e-mail photo of your linkage with 2-day tracking #.


Quantity discount price of $175 each if order 5 or more at the same time. (Includes SS linkage, SS Teflon® rod ends, SS Bolts, engraved lens, 12V LED light strip, basic wiring. We can make bulk order various colors, as some clubs have requested. For example: One color for Officers, another for regular members, another for prospects, etc. We can add titles to Lens as space allows - we have thinner lettering fonts available. (Pres, VP, Enforcer, Road Capt, Prospects, and so on). If a member changes their position - just order a replacement lens - and change the lens out with the linkage still on the bike. Any other questions we can answer to help get this going quickly for you and your club - just email or call us.
(727) 934-0945