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Amethyst Spiritual Konnections

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hi there and thank you for visiting my page! A little about myself... I'm a 3rd generation Intuitive & Medium, Energy Healer, Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Enhancement Mentor. I can help you with a variety of areas: Intuitive Readings/Energy Healing/Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions as well as Intuitve & Spiritual Enhancement Training sessions.

I have chosen to pursue this path in my life after many years of working in the corporate world. I came to realize that there was more to life than the daily grind of an 8-4 job, and along with that, I also realized that I was blessed with many gifts of intuition, healing and communication for a reason. I am devoted to sharing those gifts with you so that you may have a higher and better expression of life.

I have been reading professionally for over 20 years and currently work on2 very successful psychic lines. My clientel spans over several countries around the world and are from different cultures, walks and stations of life. My innate ability to heal using energy that is, as closely as I can describe it, a natural form of reiki is very effective, as is my ability to tune into the energy surrounding you to help determine what is required for healing . I have pursued a wide range of studies in various metaphysical & spiritual subjects for over 30 years now (gosh I'm dating myself!)

I truly believe that we are all children of the Infinite and that we are all meant to live life with love, joy, grace and ease. Let me help you uncover the core issues underlying any situation that is out of balance in your life to help move you forward into your best life ever!

I would love to help you connect to the life you were meant to have!

Love, light and blessings,


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