ami gee

San Antonio, Texas

I am a country girl livin' in the big city. I am most at ease by the Guadelupe or Medina River fishin'. I grew up in the middle of Nowhere Texas. There were no sirens, no stop signs, no sidewalks, no corner stores, no mall, no subdivision, no grocery store, no one close by. Neighbors were hectares away, and people were only seen at school, church, and monthly grocery shopping.

The night skies were bright with stars, and gaseous nebulae, you could see without a telescope. When not in school, days were spent wandering in the brush avoiding copperheads, spiders, and bobcats, and catching bob-white, minnows, tadpoles and frogs in the creeks that sprang up with the storms that crossed the Texas brush. In the summertime I played in the dust-devils that the wind created from the red sand and caliche that the ground was made of. Mesquite dotted the landscape with a live Oak here and there.

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