Ami Max Yamazaki

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hello, I'm an information designer, healer, lecturer delivering clarity for the next step.

I am offering personal advice session now and currently looking for an individual and company who is willing to experience clarity delivery. You will expect 30 minutes free phone session with me, it works as a guide that would help your thoughts, idea and plans get more organized practically, and to being aligned with the goal you wish to achieve. If this is you, email me now! I have been providing variety of advice, sharing resources to Fortune 500 Corporations, Executives and Management in Companies, Personal Business Owners since 1991. And learned that my information is useful enforcing in getting to know more about choices available for unknown future potentials in ahead of time as to receiving clarity of what's on the client's plate. The insights such as expected trends, changes in technology, business, marketing communication in local and global community and beyond. You will be able to have specific insights, suggestions and tips based on the proven communication method which delivering results for my many clients over the two decades. It works as your resource, options before you deciding mind reaching the goal chosen by you. Small numbers of appointments are available. Book yours now email to personal, business transformation, new development, as an extension and expansion of the core in work, love and relationship to what life brings up to our attention as well.

Specialty: Clarity Deliverly, Embodiment, Alignment by Articulation

Background: Marketing Communication, Method Acting Brand Development in service for Personal, Executives' and Fortune 500 Corporation's Global needs since 1991.

Contact: for questions and appointment.

Practical Practice is a project collaborated by professionals invariety at one heart, intended human potentials and possibility exploration by sharing awareness and experience to mutual interest in needs in private and group as community.

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