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Amina Aissani

Algiers, Algeria

I was born in Algiers the capital of Algeria. Ever since I was a teenager, I tinkered with computers. It was my hobby, my passion, and my way of learning. Like most kids I enjoyed computer games. By the time I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to study computer science. From that point , everything fell into place. My life revolve around computing. Now I'm student in my last year in the higher school of computer science(ESI ex INI) I really enjoy programming mobile application or web site and using innovative technology and apps. recently, I'm become interested and very facinated to all subjects about business intelligence. After having my diploma, I will continue in this field.

  • Work
    • AIESEC Babez
  • Education
    • Ecole supérieur d'informatique (ESI ex : INI)