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Amina Nabi

Consultant in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Amina Nabi

Consultant in Glasgow, United Kingdom

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I am a maverick, born and raised in the south side of Glasgow. I completed a BSc (hons) in Technology and Business Studies and an MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship, both from the University of Strathclyde. I have worked with various public and private enterprises, charities and not-for-profits; at all stages in their business life-cycle, from start-up to exit, with a view to identify potential opportunities for growth and development as well as create sustainable value within a variety of industries.

Very fortunately I graduated in July 2011 as a Saltire Fellow. Which involved a fast track MBA at Babson College in Boston, a placement at Liberty Mutual And a placement in Freeflow Global. I have also been given the opportunity to become a Power of Youth Fellow, with a view to influence and catalyse the spirit of social entrepreneurship at a global level.

I aspire to continue to create positive change within each ecosystem I operate in. The Saltire Foundation, Babson, Power of Youth and Entrepreneurial Spark have significantly contributed to my focus, personal development and ability to think global as well as contribute to an ever increasing worldwide network. I hope to leverage this network, to drive change with innovative ideas and enterprise solutions for the Scottish community and at large the World. #Ubuntu is my moto.

Recently I was awarded the headline award of RBS Scottish Asian Woman of the year 2013.

I am currently the Chief Maverick and Founder of Kinnect2 - A Social media platform focusing on brand and Consumer engagement, relaunching early 2015 so watch this space!

I partnered with the University of Lahore and have now developed a worldclass platform ready to launch. I have with an incredible team and together we will be marketing Kinnect2 to you.


Kinnect2 - Where #opinionsmatter and #brandslisten

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