Amina Rayan


Hi there, I am Amina!

I am passionate about Storytelling, Journalism, Social Media and Digital Trends as well as Gender, Diversity, Social Change and the Middle East.

Academics: Political Science and Arabic/Islamics

I studied Political Science and Arabic/Islamic Studies at Georg-August-University in Göttingen, Germany. My thesis "The anti-Mubarak Movement in Egypt - A Political Opportunity Structure Approach" received the "Golden Owl-Prize" and was awarded "Best Thesis of Class" by Göttingen University.

During my studies, I had the honor of being granted a scholarship to spent an academic year at UCLA. Living and studying in the City of Angels was an inspiring and mind-changing experience for me. I've been a loyal Los Angeles Lover ever since!

Interests: Middle East, Gender, Diversity & Inclusion, Social Movements, New Media, Popculture, Languages, Modern Literature, Film


I am constantly following, observing and analyzing media discourses and their impact on society as well as contributing to discourses by publishing articles. I have written for Krautreporter and Migazin.

New Media Passion

As a proud member of generation Y, I grew up witnessing the internet's emergence, expansion and evolution. I believe that New Media has an impact on societal discourses. Never before have "ordinary" people been able to influence and challenge established networks in the way that blogs, twitter and the likes allow them to.

Work Experience: Freelance Journalist at Krautreporter and Migazin/ Account Assistant at piabo Medienmanagement/ Social Media and Event Manager at Mayadin al-Tahrir e.V.

Honours and Awards: Best Thesis of class 12-13/ Academic prize "Golden Owl" for my thesis/ DAAD-Scholarship for one semester at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev/ Dean's list in fall 2008 (UCLA)/ EAP-Scholarship for one academic year at UCLA

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