Aminah Roberts

Born and raised in Harlem, I briefly experienced life in the Midwest at Oberlin College, where I was exposed to many concepts and conversations that were new to me. After graduating with a BA in Psychology, I served in AmeriCorps for a year at the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, an educational nonprofit. During this gap year, and my first time living without the structure of formal schooling, I reflected on all that I learned in college and during my service.

This led me back to NYC and getting involved in volunteer projects, my favorites centering around horticulture. I tied in this experience with the lifelong interest I’ve had in nature, wildlife (I have an encyclopedic knowledge of animals; you should pick my brain on it sometime) and environmentalism (I started recycling on my own and learned about global warming before the age of 10) to reconsider my career goals.

While spending hours researching graduate programs in the conservation and natural resource fields, my netbook had a lot of hiccups to say the least. This technical issue a long with a slight curiosity I developed speaking with the tech person at the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, prompted me to apply for an IT training program in NYC offered by the organization NPower. After graduating from the program and obtaining my CompTIA A+ on the same day, I spent the next few months planning my career in tech.

After speaking with my mentor and doing my own research, I came to the conclusion that I wished to pursue a career in web and mobile technology. This led to my enrollment at General Assembly’s UX Design program. Since graduating, I am working on building off what I learned from the program and studying the languages of the web to pursue my goals.

In addition to my tech career goal, I am interested in making a great contribution to the environmental field. I applaud the nonprofits who work to raise awareness globally about anthropogenic threats to the Earth. I am interested in producing apps that would support the mission of sustainable living, and possibly down the line, software or products that can accomplish this goal.