Amin Khoury Jr

Amin Khoury is a financial professional with more than two decades of executive experience in generational wealth management, private equity portfolio management, and systematic hedge fund operation. Khoury’s background demonstrates a “buy, improve, and operate” approach to wealth creation shaped by modern central banking rate-cycles, capital-market dislocations and economic crises like the technology bubble and the Lehman/sub-prime crisis.

A graduate of Brown University, Khoury began his career working within the KAD Portfolio at Franklin Realty Associates, a multi-family real estate operating company consisting of approximately 40 apartment units and 10 residential buildings in Philadelphia PA. During his time with the company, Mr. Khoury supervised a portfolio of distressed assets and implemented successful asset liquidation, litigation, and general wind-up activities.

In 1992 Amin Khoury founded Boston Film and Interactive Group, a marketing and digital-media creative shop which produced commercials, industrial videos, interactive presentations, and satirical comedic pilot materials for a variety of Boston-area businesses and institutions, including the New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Business School and the Harvard Lampoon, a satirical publication.

Following, Khoury returned to KAD’s private equity portfolio, where he assumed the role of President of Nitro Leisure Products, the world’s largest golf ball recycler. As President, Amin Khoury restructured the company, allowing Nitro to solidify its place as the world-leader in the used and refurbished segment of the golf ball industry. Under Khoury’s direction, Nitro pioneered a proprietary golf ball refurbishment process that dramatically improved the appearance of used balls and distributed its new product nationwide to retailers such as Wal-Mart, BJ’s, Sports Authority, and K-mart. Amin Khoury led the company’s successful Sherman Act and trademark litigation efforts against Acushnet in the Federal Court of Appeals, In re: Nitro v. Acushnet.Khoury also orchestrated the disposition of the asset.