Amira Villa-Real

Amira Vargas Villa-real. Filipino by heart! im the kid you see stuck under the covers. i love bright colors, like yellow. i like eating when im stressed though. I speak this awesome language called Sarcasm. i have beautiful friends and lovers namely: Fridge, nutella, tumblr, twitter and book lol. haha sucked with love since '99. i get insecure & jealous easily especially with people i love. Pro at faking accents and smiles. i belong to this amazing school, St. Paul College Pasig We have cool Aircons, be jelly. I like reading books haha nerd lol kidding the perks of being a wallflower is my favorite though. i've been looking forward to seeing, Zac Efron, Leighton Meester, the 3 Emmas, Andrew Garfield, Anne Hathaway & Amanda seyfried. so yolo haha have a nice day! hakuna matata! carpe diem!