Amirio Freeman

Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellow in Washington, DC

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Hi, I’m Amirio! Using the tools of art, technology, and community-building, I am dedicated to creating space for racially marginalized communities to participate in contemporary sustainability- and environmentalism-focused movements in the U.S. and abroad.

As someone who has routinely felt underrepresented in spaces centering green living, advocacy, and activism, I work to manifest a world where all people have a hand in creating a more sustainable, ecologically sound world and where identity can be centered in advocacy and activism endeavors. To manifest such a world, I have gained experience in the non-profit, higher education, and national-level policy spheres. My work mostly involves community outreach and engagement, writing and qualitative research, digital communications, the arts, and dialogue facilitation.

I’m a Virginia native who graduated in 2017 from the College of William & Mary with a B.A. in Public Policy (and a minor in Africana Studies). I’m currently based in Washington, D.C. doing anti-hunger and anti-poverty advocacy as a Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellow with the Congressional Hunger Center. If you’re interested in connecting professionally or creatively, feel free to contact me via the below email button. If you’re interested in learning more about my professional experience, click below or click the “View my portfolio” button above to review my LinkedIn page.

Be sure to keep up with my personal digital humanities project, Being Green While Black ( Also, I have produced digital written content regarding my interest in the intersection of race, sustainability, and environmentalism, which can be found on platforms such as DRØME Magazine, Philadelphia Printworks, and Off Tha Record.

  • Education
    • College of William & Mary