Amit Dave

London UK

Greetings! My name is Amit Dave and I would like to invite all readers, especially gamers to my exciting profile.

Ambitious 25 year old individual actively building skills/experiences towards a career in the I.T. entertainment games industry. I have the ability to test hardware and software, creative in writing, web and blog development.

At the age of 7, I first experienced playing retro video games, (the likes of Double Dragon, Jurassic Park, TMNT, and Paperboy) on the classic-super Nintendo video game system. Video games can provide learning education in ways to increase your creative thinking and knowledge with strategy planning.

Moved onto Windows PC (Worms series, Tomb Raider, Age of Empires series), to Sony Playstation 1, 2, the latest PS4 (Dragonball Z series, Resident Evil series, GTA series, Driver series) and finally Microsoft Xbox/Xbox 360 consoles (Halo series, Dead Space series, Ninja Gaiden series and FEAR series). This is where I started to gain an interest in computers & entertainment systems. I opted for my favourite subject and decided to study Computing including Technology at college for my future career, (ICT was one of my favourite subjects at school also).

Over the years, I have achieved qualifications in I.T, gained access to Higher Education and achieved Computing & Systems Development HNC/HND (Higher National Certificate/Higher National Diploma) levels, which is next to a degree level.

I previously worked with Creative Distribution Ltd, a busy wholesale games & entertainment warehouse company distributing entertainment & video games to retailers on behalf of games developers and publishers including manufacturers across Europe. This was step forward to my chosen career in the entetainment games industry.

As I like to showcase my skills and experience in creative design, I have set up my very own creative website and blog back in April 2012, which I learnt via use of Adobe Dreamweaver software. The knowhow of Dreamweaver software was acquired as a result of a college project/assignment/presentation that I had to do for my coursework unit on web design/development. It has been years of showcasing these skills for my readers and other bloggers as it was fun, thus a challenging experience for me.

Below are the links I would like to share.

  • Work
    • Quality Assurance at Creative Distribution Ltd
  • Education
    • HNC, HND Computing & Systems Development
    • Intro, First and National Diplomas for I.T. Practitioners
    • 10 GCSE passes