Ami Yamazaki

greater Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I'm an Independent Tokyo native Internet Communication Specialist, eBranding Designer thanking your Time, Attention and Connection. Over the last twenty years, my eyes have been on internet business model and human communication behavior study, produced numerous Fortune 500 corporations' and their products' branding campaigns with millions of dollar budget responsibility at International Full Service Ad Agency for the clients.

I view current cyber community as exciting new expansion opening and multiple possibilities in opportunity. Here are the reasons why.

Thoughts came to me is that how can I share what I've been doing and learned as an occupation from the beginning of this internet use for public and commercial needs as a communication vehicle since mid 90s... as into more available, accessible knowledge with practical information in simple applicable format. My knowledge is now YOURS at Practical Practice Project. Come check on us and see what you'll find in resonance. Perhaps new awareness would bring clarity that can help your Next Step.

For your reference, this is my webinar about Social Media eValuation 101 course, facilitated over nearly 3 years ago.. I hope you will find some interest, and I would appreciate if you share with your community when you resonate it by clicking "like" button above on this page.

I am thanking your co-operation in advance.


Would you be interested in learning more about SM quickly? with Infographic, perhaps?.. yup, I integrated here for your reference. Enjoy and have fun!

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