Amjad Abu Lafi


My name is Amjad, i'm a Palestinian, I was born in 1995 in Jerusalem and i still live in Jerusalem, I'm a Law student at Birzeit University (in Ramallah).

in 1995-2000 : i was born and brought up in The mount of olives, in Jerusalem.

in 2000 : i was there when the second intifada happened.

in 2000-2006 : i went to Al-tour elementary school for boys and it was only a few metres away from my house.

in 2006-2013 : after finishing the 6th class, i had to move to Shu'fat secondary school, which is 2 transportations away from my village, at first it was difficult for me to use the public transports but then i get used to it, in my last year on Shu'fat secondary school, I had the Tawjehi (the general secondary examination in Palestine), and i got a score of 93.2% ! "this is the happiest moment in my whole life" .

in 2008 : i started playing chess , and in 2010 i won a 3rd place in a local chess tournament. now i rarely play chess.
and i also started improving my english skills by myself by playing video games and using the internet, and it only took me a year or 2 to be able to speak english fluently .

in 2011 : i started geocaching, and till now i've found about 4 caches and made about 6, i haven't went on a geocache since i finished high school .

in 2013 : I've always wanted to study Law, and i've always wanted to study abroad, but on the last minute i chose to apply to Birzeit university, and as expected, i was accepted.

in 2014 : after finishing my first semister in Birzeit, i found out that i made a good decision when i decided to study in my own country ! and i was happy about my major, i was able to get my name signed in the honor list easily and i've already finished my first year. 1 down, 3 to go !

in 2014 : i got my driving license and i have no idea if i'm going to need it or not , because i've already used to use the public transports, and yes, in 2014 i got my first paid job .

I used to play soccer and do alot of sports, and so i had many friends, some are just friends ,others are more like brothers to me.

still 18 but, i once had a dream of myself as the prime minister of Palestine .

  • Education
    • shufat secondary school
    • Birzeit University
    • MEET (Middle East Education through Technology)