Robert Cooksey

San Jose, CA

I was born a small, fragile, larval human. Over time the bodily systems improved and gained complexity, and --before long-- consciousness emerged. Fine motor control shortly followed. Since then, I've processed a LOT of information and learned to do a number of things. My bones stopped growing around 1990.

Since then, I've been exploring the world as a free-roaming organism independent of its progenitors. I've done stuff. People have paid me for some of it. That was cool. Sometimes I climb things. Sometimes I jump in a number of prepositional relationships to things (over, off, out of, etc.). More often, I subject myself to great physical discomfort in pursuit of fighting prowess. Over the years, I spent a lot of time in classes and seminars and got some degrees for it.

I realized at some point that open questions intrigued me and I had some facility for problem solving, modeling, strategy, assessment, and general engaged thinking. For a while, spent a lot of time teaching and working in game art and design and various interactive spaces. People paid me to do that. I got to work with a lot of fantastic and brilliant people. That didn't suck.

These days, I think a lot about the ways in which technology design interfaces with my life. I write about it sometimes. I make things and experiment with it more often. I work at a gigantic company that keeps me and my playmates in a box with no windows and throws us technology to mash-up into possible futures. We do all kinds of stuff with sensors and machines that allow people to do other stuff. They pay me for it. I like that. It allows me to buy food. I like food. It can be quite pleasurable and it supplies the energy necessary to keep doing stuff.

  • Work
    • Intel Perceptual Computing Lab