Amos Barnett Community Administrator in Fukuoka, Japan

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The following I have realised are true, universally:

Everything is habit.

All problems are the result of laziness, or rather,

All success is the result of effort.

Realising these things in your life is my advice.

For the more advanced:

All is Mind

What happened when I applied my understanding of people:

I help shape and re-organise the world's largest community web site and forums for headphones and portable audio,, into a place where both manufacturers and enthusasts can meet and interact in a positive way.

In a newly opened technology store, I trained the staff whom far exceeded initial sales expectations.

I re-prioritised the handling of tech support cases in a busy campus computer store to cut service times for customers for some customers from as much as a week down to as little as 10 minutes.

I saved another company 10s of thousands of dollars they were losing from fraud by analysing the patterns in high-risk sales and using the knowledge of call centre staff and delivery drivers to identify suspicious sales before they were completed.

I trained a 90 year old grandmother how to use a computer from scratch by explaining things to her in the context of the day-to-day things she already does that don't involve technology.

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    • co-administrator and reviewer
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    • Australian National University