Ashley Reber

Photographer, Artist, and Writer in Zürich, Switzerland

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The short version: Introverted visual artist, highly sensitive & misunderstood INFJ. Lives with a condition called Hyperhidrosis. Struggles here and there but I'm a survivor. Prone to anxiety, depression and being too serious but still fun as hell when mood permits. A great listener. Enjoy talks about meaning, things that matter and make you think. Lover of sadness, kindness, family-life, bubble-time, and laughing. I feel way too much.

The extended version: I'm a visual artist currently living in Zürich, Switzerland as an expat with my Swiss husband, adolescent son and furry best friend. I grew up in a tiny town in Allegan, Michigan and had worked in childcare (mainly infants) and preschool. During my teenage years, I had dreams to see the world. Now, I live thousands of miles away from my hometown in another country! Sidenote: according to my DNA tests, I am English.

My primary mediums are photography and writing poems. I have recently begun to dabble in painting. I currently run a personal music blog as a side project. I discover and share new & underrated musicians and sometimes write about it.

My art style very much depends on my mood and spiritual sense. Culture mixed with my love of nature and exceptional attention to details. I have this ability to capture the feeling and emotions of the most mundane or the most remarkable of moments. A lot of the time, making something from nothing and seeing what others don't notice.

I strive to expand my knowledge and creativity in the world of community, advocacy, art, design, gastronomy, well-being, family life & technology. I love to collaborate and meet like-minded people over many cups of tea or coffee or both (but not too long, I need my bubble time to recharge and replace my spoons).

A few of my (many) obsessions include mother nature, animals, watching my son discover the world and who he is, freestyle dancing, fine dining, reading, writing, and making memories with the ones I love. The people and my dog are the most important things to me in life.

Thank you for the interest in me and reading this "selfless" about me. =p