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Amritsar City Portal, Amritsar Travel Guide, and Golden Temple Amritsar in Amritsar, India

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Welcome To Amritsar- The City of The Golden Temple in The Land of the Five Rivers

The city of Amritsar was historically known as Ramdaspur and was called Ambarsar in the native language by the local people. It is a beautiful city located in the north-western region of India within the state of Punjab.

Amazing diversity of people, languages, food, clothes and culture all combined with the thickness of history in the air.

While traveling in Amritsar you’ll fall in love with the aroma of food cooking in the open air kitchens and you must try the famous “Amritsari Lassi”. The shopping experiences can leave you quite unhinged if you’re not with a “local” who helps you through negotiating the best price on the items you want!

Traveling Amritsaris easy with Rikshaws, Taxis that are easy to book and for women traveling alone, I would recommend hooking up with a small group or another person for safety in travel.

Despite the complete chaos that makes up India, it’s beating streets and pounding terrain will encourage you to fall into sync with it.
If it’s time to explore this ancient, dry, cracked, drowning, uplifting, chaotic terrain, it would be great to do it in small bites. I would highly recommend starting north in the beautiful city of Amritsar. The city of thefamous Golden Temple. Visit the Golden Temple and let the gods shower their blessings on you for a joyous journey through India.

Amritsar is house to the spectacular Golden Temple, Sikhism’s holiest shrine. The legendary Golden Temple is actually just a small part of this huge gurdwara complex, known to Sikhs as Harmandir Sahib. Spiritually, the focus of attention is the tank that surrounds the gleaming central shrine – the Amrit Sarovar, from which Amritsar takes its name, excavated by the