Curtis and Alicia Mulder

Catering, Fitness, and Artists in Michigan

Curtis and Alicia Mulder

Catering, Fitness, and Artists in Michigan

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Mr. And Mrs. Curtis and Alicia Mulder are Entrepreneurs, Culinary Artists, Graphic Designers, and founders of Besca healthfromtheinsideout™ esthablished January 2016.

Through Curtis and Alicia's journey's of health and faith they attain the knowledge and experience to help people define, dream, and see their personal health, faith, and fitness goals become their own virtual blessed reality.

They believe in living in the moment and not taking the little things too seriously!

Their favorite verse is Proverbs 3:5-6! "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." KJV

They bring over 16 years of their health and faith journeys to the table to offer insight, share their own experiences, and to listen to you!

Mrs. Alicia Mulder has been deemed the “queen of symmetry”. Volunteering her organizational skills to help many friends and families get their houses in order.

Mr. Curtis Mulder is known for his servants' heart in leadership.

They believe in helping people find the things that work for them to get healthy and perform daily tasks without disabilities hindering their quality of life.

Some of their most requested helps include:

• Prayer

• Spiritual Advice

• Marriage Tips

• Health Guidance and Fitness

• Grocery Shopping and Catering

Their audience is drawn to their understanding that in order to have all the facets of our lives flowing in a freeing function; there is nothing more important that we can have as the foundation than our health. Curtis and Alicia are affectionately known as “The Ninja Health & Prayer Warrior Team.” They teach people how to find their goals and work towards achieving them.

The participants gain knowledgeable skills in areas that can benefit their work, health, and personal development.

Curtis and Alicia's fun loving example of an attitude about life joined with their passion for seeing people succeed give them the ability to be great leaders.

Curtis and Alicia are currently sharing their Besca healthfromtheinsideout™ journey to help as many as possible and now also by distributing It Works! Products! It's 11:11 am Yahweh's plans!!!

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