Amy Huang

Student in Allen, Texas

Figured that some way, some how, people will google me. So here. You don't have to be an employer to click that "Hire me" button up there; I'd be happy to discuss any topic below and others (within reason):

-Viola/orchestra. I've experienced both GDYO and All-State.

-Advanced Placement classes...took way too many

-applying to college (undergraduate) in the US

-'omg I know you from a friend of a friend of a friend but you know my direct friend how did that happen??'

-studying computer science. I just finished my first semester!

-art in general but ESPECIALLY mathematical art and anything that focuses on light

-being Asian-American, Chinese-American community

-history around STEM; social sciences when applied to science and technology

-the internet

Hate mail will be dismissed and ignored.

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    • Brown University