Amy Lewark

What to say...?

I am currently obsessed with the idea of equity, and how to give it to as many people as possible, especially in the realm of education. I think the Internet is a great model for how we could do this in our own cities, using our local intellectual capital for mentors.

I have a large number of school years under my belt, but looking back, I see many of the best educational experiences I had -- the ones which left the greatest marks on me as a person -- happened outside of the classroom.

If it worked effectively, the educational system could be the great equalizer, but instead it works to divide us further into classes. What standardized testing shows, more often than not, is the divisions between socioeconomic levels. But what if, what if the educational system was changed, so that everyone has someone who is truly in their corner? With the current budget the school system has (it has increased exponentially since the 1970's), this isn't an impossible task.

We need to let go of what's not working. And we need to really experiment and trust one another, instead of clinging to fear.

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My website (about my current experimentation).