Amy Collins-Warfield

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Hello! My name is Amy and I proudly work for The Ohio State University.

My top 5 StrengthsQuest Strengths are: Learner, Input, Individualization, Strategic, & Responsibility. It's no surprise that "Learner" is my number 1 strengths. Throughout my entire life, I have loved learning all kinds of new things and the process of learning really excites me. I love looking up new information and fun facts - that is why my office nickname is "". You can always count on me to provide the "fun fact of the day" (or if you're lucky, the "scientific fun fact of the day"). When I was in college, I took classes in a wide variety of departments and I had trouble deciding on just one major, because I find so many subjects to be interesting! (I majored in History and minored in Zoology)

My favorite Ohio State tradition is "the long walk." According to this tradition, if a couple walks hand-in-hand across the Oval from the President Thompson statue to College Rd, without anyone crossing their path, they are destined to stay in love forever. In September 2000, I made my then-boyfriend do this with me. Now we have been happily married for 10 years and we are both Ohio State alums! So maybe it really works!

As an alumna of an Ohio State grad program, I definitely learned some tips for navigating this campus, which I enjoy sharing with students:
1) take advantage of the free CABS bus service.
2) know that the CABS bus will always stop at all stops, so there is no need to pull the cord. Also you don't need to show your ID.
3) if you never had to study in high school, then academic life at OSU could come as a shock at first. Look for study groups, take advantage of tutoring, talk to your professors and TAs. Take a study skills course like ESEPSY 1159 or 1259.
4) OSU is a big place, but there are a lot of people who are willing to help you. However, you have to be willing to reach out and ask for help. Don't be afraid!

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