amy hegedus


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to bother reading about me. Well, this is exciting.

Hello, I'm Amy Hegedus. (Hegedus is Hungarian, and apparently means violinist, but i've never actually had the general arse to google it). I'm 15, and my birthday is the 30th January. If you ever forget, it's also the day Hitler became chancellor. Yep, that's what happens when you take history for GCSE. I also took art and textiles for my GCSE options. Art is a whole new level of stress and I found it completely consumes my creativity, so I don't doodle as much as I used to, and textiles is a bit crap because my teacher is, well crap. In my spare time, or even when I'm busy, I like to photograph stuff. I try to be as creative as possible but sometimes it's just effort, but I do like how photographs can tell a story, and be so beautiful. About 500 photos on my phone are of cats and kittens, because my cat just gave birth (proud), and her babies are beautiful.

I live in Essex, and it's a bit of love-hate relationship. I love how it's quite close-knit and the people are generally quite nice, but i hate how fake tan, eyelashes and big boobs are seen as the norm and getting 'cruuuunk' every weekend is the norm among people my age. But I love London, it's so multi-cultural and full of lights and life and differences and I LOVE IT.

If you want to know anymore, just ask or comment and as long as it's not too personal, I'll be happy to answer

Thanks for reading chums