Amy Lanigan

Conversation or conversion. Or both. These are what I have my sights set on sparking in the digital space.

I geek out on the non-linear purchase path.

And I thrive in the sweet spot of brand engagement and commerce transactions.

The stories that consumers, competitive landscapes and innovation hold make my mind race with ideas.

I have been digital strategic lead on clients such as: The North Face, Method, Kenmore, Gap, Target, Clorox, Craftsman and Wells Fargo.

Fluid gave me the shot to help start the New York City office. It grew, the deli guy called me sweetheart and I learned a thing or two about swagger.

Now I'm back in San Francisco. The hub and heart of digital. That still uses fog horns. I quite like this balance.

Have an interesting opportunity? Bring on a conversation.

I look forward to it.