Amy Callaway

Savannah, Georgia native currently living in Alexandria, Virginia with my boyfriend, Erik Ciceraro. I am a New Media Associate for Mullen & Company, a brand management firm and an Independent Team Beach body Coach supporting and encouraging individuals to fight the obesity trend by living a healthy lifestyle. I will graduate from Armstrong Atlantic University in December 2011 with a degree in English Communications and a minor in Fine Arts. I plan to earn a position with a marketing firm along the Southeast coast and remain close to my family however I am open to opportunities. Personality wise: I am terrible with decisions. I believe in karma and keep a high moral standard. I enjoy photography and graphic design.Tendency to procrastinate. I am adventurous but lazy. Clumsy. I have been told I have a contagious smile. I am not competitive, I am motivated by myself. Impatient. Dependable. I love meeting new people and would promise those I love the world if I could. I try my best not to make assumptions but I don't judge based on those I do. I avoid drama at all cost. I am insecure but embrace my differences. Horrible Liar. Gemini. I worry and stress about the most insignificant things. I am good with directions but horrible at explaining things. I would never intentionally hurt anyone. And I don't know what I would do without my friends and family.