Guo Musical Instrument Co.

Taichung, Taiwan

Demo By Octavio Cortes

2015 New Range- Shining Piper

Guo Musical Instrument Co.

Composite polymer flutes

Using engineered high-grade polymers, a material which is free from distortion caused by temperature and humidity changes, it has excellent stability and accuracy of performance with a wide audio range.With a total weight, any burdens on the performer's body are significantly reduced.

Grenaditte in C /Grenaditte Piccolo/ Grenaditte Tenor (Bass)

Grenaditte in G

New Voice in C/ New Voice Piccolo/ New Voice Tenor (Bass)

New Voice in G/ New Voice GH (Low C FJ)

Tocco in C/ Tocco + in C

AME Standard

“You have to have crazy ideas to invent something sensible. The next reliable way of predicting the future is to invent it.”

--Geoffrey Guo