Ana Margarida Nunes

Science management in Lisboa, Portugal

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My goal is to unveil the brain functioning and health sciences to the general public in a simple and accessible manner. I think that by understanding how the body works, and particularly the brain, one can begin to better understand itself and its behaviours. So far I have writen little texts trying to unveil certain actions and behaviour such as learning, feeling, ageing, loving, hating, during physical exercise, depression, motivation and pain among other. I try to explain simple daily actions according to what is happening in the brain or the body. I am also extremely interested in explaining mental disorders aiming to contribute to destigmatization.

Nowadays, I am pursuing a career in neuroscience communication and outreach and related areas such as project management, event planning (conferences, symposiums, advanced training implementation and so forth) and fundraising. I give a small contribute to non-governmental science communication associations and to an online newspaper. There are several ways to communicate neuroscience and I plan to develop skills in photography and media production to complement my writing work.

Some of my work can be found on the links below. If you have themes/subjects you would like to know more about, you are welcome to drop an email with ideas.

I am a Biologist specialised in Genetics and Microbiology, Lisbon University, and with a PhD in Neurosciences particularly focused on Neurogeneration in Alzheimer´s and Niemann-Pick type C disease, from King's College London.

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