New Jersey, United States

I love everything that has to do with arts, music poetry,

songwriting,photography, acting and music. My biggest dream is to be in movies and play the guitar, not for fame but to make enough money to help those less fortunate.

As a kid growing up I saw my dad playing the guitar and it was always my dream to learn also, but I was raised really poor and my circumstances didn't allow me to make that dream come true, and dad was impatient to teach me, even if im 300 years old ill make it happen somehow, for now I am living this dream of living in Cali that has come to pass...amazing right?? hahaha for those of you waiting on your dreams, guess what? they do come true just hang in there and believe that God will get you to where you need to be..

I love people it doesn't matter what color race or religion, I think we are all created so beautiful. Every time I get the honor to meet someone new, is like reading a new book, full of adventures.

For all you beautiful people out there that know me and those that dont, always remain humble and help those less fortunate, not everything is money, love is free, smiles are priceless and a listening ear even better, we all come from different walks of life which is the beauty of it all. To all of you who take time to compliment me, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have no clue how it makes my day to read emails, and just seeing you took that second for me. God Bless and keep them coming I love to meet new people.....hope you are all well, please love each other, help the needy and take good care.

Greetings Earthlings;

Hope you are all doing well, as for me I am adjusting to my surroundings here in Cali, its been hard but nothing is impossible, thank you for the well wishes. I hope and pray in whatever part of the world you are that your holidays is a very blessed one, lets not label one another, instead lets remember we are all humans with different views, lets love and forgive one another, only then we will make a difference... love love love and hugs and well wishes to you all!!