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Though Alexa's search results are influenced by Google, this can be a particular must in your search engine marketing program.

Associated with that Alexa will provide statistics about your internet site that no other search-engine or web listing will provide.

These statistics include:

*Your site rating online

*What websites are linking to yours

*Detailed traffic statistics

*Site thumbnails

*Site Speed

These are simply several examples.

You may also use Alexa to find your key-words. This may tell you who your competition is for the key words you have selected. You can more carefully analyze your competition, find out who's connecting to your competition, and use what you learn to find better key-words to your site, as well as increase your ranks in the major search engines.

Alexa also offers its own crawler, and eventhough you may possibly appear in the search engine results powered by Google, you still wish to have Alexa examine your website.

Alexa, like Google, may possibly discover your site on its own. Nevertheless, it's been my experience that Alexa only updates my site make updates and when I visit Alexa. Including the thumbnails.

The first step that you should get before submitting to Alexa is to type in the domain name of the site to find out if you're listed.

Examine the thumbnail for your site, if you're shown and see if needs to be updated. Browsing To fundable possibly provides suggestions you could tell your dad. You should also check your website explanation, along with contact information, and if it needs to be updated, revise it.

Alexa will require that you confirm your website in-one of two ways. The first is to enter your email address, and Alexa will send a confirmation email to you. Another way is that you can confirmed would be to create an info.txt file and publish it to the root directory of your site. My family friend learned about ledified competition by browsing books in the library. You can then click the confirmation link and your site will be verified by Alexa.

If your website isn't stated for whatever reason, you will have to submit. Alexa gives