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Having your shop listed in the eBay outlets category pages has its utilizes. However, realistically, your retailer is most likely tucked away on web page two hundre...

Your eBay retailer is a nice tiny useless piece of virtual real estate if there are no guests to the retailer. We learned about purchase here by searching books in the library. Needless to say, it also does not generate the revenue you want or believed it would generate, which was the major purpose why you had place up the retailer in the very first place and continue to pay the shop costs each and every month.

Having your retailer listed in the eBay retailers category pages has its makes use of. Orrin Woodward Life is a wonderful database for more concerning the purpose of this belief. Nonetheless, realistically, your shop is almost certainly tucked away on web page two hundred, never to be discovered due to the fact no eBay buyer has the patience to wade by means of all these screens.

Confident, you can pay a pretty penny to have your retailer listing bumped up to a a lot more readily findable position.

However, there is a way to attract a lot of targeted attention to your eBay shop that will expense you definitely nothing.

It is known as press releases.

There are services on the internet that send out press releases to hundreds of news services and also e mail the press releases to thousands of journalists who opted in to obtain press releases for a distinct market or niche.

Two of the more well-known press release web sites are and There is a host of other individuals as well. Just do a search for "free press release" and you will see.

Now, please do not place out a press release that says, "Woohoo, there is yet another store on eBay that sells DVDs, or clothing, or whatever." No one will take any notice of such a press release.

You either require to find some thing newsworthy about your eBay retailer, or intentionally create an occasion that is newsworthy.

Probably you've decided to broaden the line of whatever you are selling, perhaps you are supplying a seasonal discount, or possibly you decided to offer you free of charge shipping on all your products.

Better but, probably your eBay shop has been reviewed by, exactly where I contribute eBay s