Anam Saeed

Lahore, Pakistan

I am a LUMS Alumnus, graduated in 2012. Academically & professionally, I have built my profile with analytic expertise, psychological insights, marketing and statistical techniques. My aim is to gain recognition in the business circle by bringing innovative ideas and acquired business skills in use. I aspire to be a successful woman capable enough to inspire others!

As a person I’m inspired by Nietzsche, Viktor Frankl and an ardent follower of Maslow. I experience and try to learn something from the small things which we all encounter as human beings.

I am an amateur photographer, my camera might be a little old fashioned but my vision is creative enough to capture good moments. A self proclaimed writer & an actress too, I maintain a blog where I post anything which hits my artistic chords.

That’s probably it! For now I mean….

Take Care =o)

  • Education
    • Bsc. Hons