Ashley Amendolaro

Orlando, Florida, United States

Please see my Backstory for work experience and past work that I've done!

I want to be the person you meet who has the mentality of an adult but the heart of a child; I want to be the one person you know who still views the world around us with wonder. I want to make discoveries and practice new subjects that change my perspective. I want to learn the stories of the past and share them with the future. I want to face my fears while helping others face their own; and I want to forever be known as someone who stood for love and acceptance.

My objective is to adhere to this life’s creed, no matter where the path may lead. Whether I'm blogging for free or conducting research, I believe all these chosen avenues will prove important, and fruitful – and hopefully, will help make the world bright.

  • Education
    • Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr., School of the Arts
    • Florida State University