Anand Sheth

I am an architectural designer living and working in San Francisco, California. My interest in architecture began with my fascination with enclosure, specificity, and the ways in which our built world is a reflection of a society’s psychological and anthropological state. At the time of these explorations I was just eight years old, drawing floor plans of specifically-designed houses on graph paper for my friends and family members – complete with indoor lasertag room, and slide from attic to backyard. I have grown to learn that those are bad ideas, but the interest itself was grounded; it quickly became the foundation of my passion for design and architecture with an emphasis on circumstance. I’m driven by my desire to create, to merge, to recreate, and to please. I view architecture as a platform for interventions into the flawed societal systems within communities; I strive to create not only an architectural response, but also responsive architecture. My unique aesthetic sensibility provides me with solutions to the spatial and social problems I encounter – relating to housing equality, transportation issues, and waste management. My willingness and eagerness to experiment, coupled with my work ethic and rigor, sets my work apart as something that unites interdisciplinarity, complexity, and completeness. Although my method depends heavily on the particular project and client, my ultimate design goal is to create an appropriate solution that answers most or all of the existing problems without compromising function and pleasure.