Anastasia Anisa


After becoming the finalist of NUS 13th Start-Up Sg Competition held by NUS Entrepreneurship Society, I am now an aspiring entrepreneur, constantly being deeply intrigued (and had briefly being deeply involved) in the optimization of the whole business process from maintaining an effective, cooperative internal system (strategic financial planning, bottlenecks identification to its implementation of change) to achieve the company's common business objectives successfully on time, to simultaneously being adaptive and ever-ready on fulfilling the customers’ needs.

10,000 hours or more is part and parcel of pursuing the excellence required!

Being self-motivated to constantly learn and outgrow, concepts are merely theories that will be forgotten unless applied. A Piece of Me and CustomCase, a T-shirt and Gadget Case printing service was set up with a few trusted partners while completing my degree. Simultaneously, I had the privilege to be involved in Kasturi Tech to handle their digital marketing as Business Development Executive.

Now officially graduated, I'd continue to learn from the very best in the industry. Initially being involved in the marketing world, but now operating in the finance industry.

Every day, there is something new to learn :)

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  • Education
    • Double Major in Finance and Marketing at Murdoch University