Anastasia (Stacey) Andros

General Business English Teacher, FCE CAE CPE Tutor, and Online IELTS Tutor in Estonia

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I have 10+ years' experience teaching people for IELTS online at EnglishLab.Net. I can help you achieve 7777 or 8888 in IELTS. My hourly rates are EUR 30.24 / 60 mins if you pay by the hour. If you prefer to buy lessons in bulk, you can get a 40-hour package (this will boost your speaking or writing score by 0.5) at EUR 1108.80 aka EUR 27.72 / 60 mins. The price includes 20% VAT and 5% Paypal transaction charge. I issue invoices. The placement interview (1 full 60-minute hour via Skype) is free of charge. You can read my former students' reviews on LinkedIn.

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    • MA Educational Technology and TESOL (Teaching English)
    • University of Manchester