Anastasia (Stacey) Andros

General & Business English Teacher, FCE, CAE & CPE Tutor, and Online IELTS Tutor in Estonia

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As a Teacher of English with 20 years' teaching experience, I can help you

* ace the IELTS exam (7777 or 8888)

* pass FCE, CAE, or CPE

* achieve a good score in GMAT (essay) or TOEFLibT (speaking or writing)

* and/or improve your General or Business English

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introduce yourself (name, city, country, whether you work or you're a student) and say which exam you need to study for; note what your main difficulties are (what you need help with), what the deadline is and what results you'd like to achieve (include previous exam scores if you have taken any already)

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PS I usually charge EUR 20-30 per 60 minute hour + 20% VAT * you'll get invoiced if you book lessons * placement interview (normally includes diagnostic speaking and/or writing skills assessment) is free of charge

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    • MA Educational Technology and TESOL (Teaching English)
    • University of Manchester