Anastasia Kitakis Hurlin -- Stacey

Community organizer engaging dialog, creative problem solving, and project concepts that bring our common bonds to the forefront

* The Lesvos Refugee Project, Project Directorhttp://

ArtLife Society,Founder/Director - creatively working together towards the world's well-being

'Dialog by Light: The Humanity Halo' creator, photo/video collection,formerly The Halo Project

Emerald Gallery,Owner/Curator, previous host gallery for The Annual International Small Works Show

Anastasia Emporium,Sole Proprietor, products for home, health and hearth, emphasizing fair trade

3 Billion Women, new on-line venue as an artisan sales stream by, for, and about women

Visual artist, primarily figurative work of the feminine

(ArtLife Society former projects) * 1st Fridays Art Walk, Founder/Director Fairfield Iowa * Women's Crisis Center, Fundraiser for SouthEast Iowa

Organizing skills, problem solving, fundraising, humanitarian on-site and project overview management, multi-tasking. On-task experience: raising a big family -- my best creative project to date.

"When I am not envisioning the next community betterment project, I am painting, swimming, gardening, traveling, dancing or cooking. And focused on my family."