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Andé Peña

Happiness is a blessing. It is also a choice. Moment by moment, from one experience to the next...

Today, I am a passionate community member, wife of ten years and a mommy to two little ones. I belong to a very large and beautifully blended, extended family.

Aside from the time I get to spend with loved ones, I feel most alive when I am learning, growing, teaching or connecting with others. Reading, writing, presenting, marketing, serving, pretty much anything that molds me into a better person, or helps others do the same.

I am fascinated by the moments where words evoke emotion, an image takes form in someone's mind, or a person connects with a feeling they hadn't previously known (or perhaps owned)...the breakthrough moments.

I am a fierce advocate for protecting our children. I am especially passionate about justice, education and second chances. Part of ensuring the safety and success of our younger generation is being there for them as well as their parents.

Whether we are helping each other out of a bad situation with advocacy or into a good one with mentorship, the point is that we help each other. No one is supposed to travel this journey alone! It is important for us to strengthen our circles so that we can have strong, healthy individuals, families and communities.

I believe that, "God so loved the world," and as a Christian, my role is to follow His example. God does not instruct me to judge anyone, but He clearly instructs me to love that is what I am doing. ;)

As I travel this path, I pray quietly and I LIVE LOUDLY.