Chris Anderson

Salt Lake City

Chris Anderson

Salt Lake City

Executive leader with broad experience managing enterprise systems, global teams and complex projects. I have travelled the globe to help improve the productivity and efficiency of both customers and employees

...and obviously I was pretty cool in 1st grade.

About me

I am very passionate about Software and People.


I am obsessed with cloud-based applications.

I love productivity apps designed with mobile in mind.

I love that I can find an application to solve nearly any challenge.

I will always favor cloud vs. on-premise solutions.

I've implemented productivity apps for teams, departments, organizations and customers.


I love working in teams.

I trust my teams and expect greatness in return.

I love challenging others to think differently.

I love making others more productive.

I commicate openly ideally via an enterprise social network tool.

  • Work
    • Equinox Business Solutions
  • Education
    • University of Utah