Isabell Asp Andersson

Isabells Foto and Callans Trä AB in Västernorrlands län, Sverige

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I started a new life at 38! Things I've been told from age of two, saying this is the absolute and only truth, one day had no meaning to me - it was all a lie! I took the big step out in the real world with the consequence everyone near me treated me like dead. But I'm a survivor and with a whole bunch of new friends and a new social network around me I'm now working my way forward... in to the future.I can now develop my personality and skills and I can educate myself. I draw strength from the amazing nature here in the Swedish countryside.I've learned it's important to listen to your dreams and goals! Don't you ever sacrifice your life to people with a lust for power and who takes control over your mind! Men and women are equal. Live your life free! Make your own decisions! Let your children know that they can be whatever they wish as long as they never give up.Teach love, empathy and compassion.

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