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confectioner and Seamstress in the United States

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hi im the one n only ruruka and ur watching d(espair)isney channel nya

i say despair channel because if ur reading this then my tumblr byf broke rip


Ruruka (Ruru) / 19 / she\it / OR.

i cosplay &make candy IRL / 7yr vegetarian / chaotic neutral

anyway yeah im Ruruka Andou, the real deal, i was legitimately the first me, my consciousness is in MY body not yours, im right here typing this, not you, etc, etc. dont follow me if youre factkin with me or if you know someone whos factkin


i really, really, REALLY, reaally really love Yoi (@shindomika) he means the absolute world to me

i love Hina with all my heart as well, my sweet sweet Aoi eeEEE


please tag aging, izayois death, aaaand abandonment, theyre my trigger thank u

also tag close up irl faces but not for trigger purposes i have psychosis and it irritates my head along with bright light and screens


uhhh dont follow if you interact at all with Tord, Jimmy, or @angelic.lullabies & @mchanzos; theyre disgusting people thanks


mmm thats it pretty much, please put the 🌂 emoji somewhere in ur bio & ill accept your req ty!