Andrea Catel de Prates Soares


Born in Brazil I (was) moved to Munich, Germany when I was just a kid. Here I went to school and university. Even during my time in college, I started my career as a PR and communications professional.

After having worked for a few years, I decided to take a break and travelled around the world for around 4 months. This trip was amazing - I went from Brazil, where I did meet my family for the first time in years, to amazing China and relaxing Tonga.

Shortly after I moved to Boston, MA, where I was Managing Editor for about four years. But even though Boston is an amazing and beautiful city, and I made some great friends along the way, I missed home - Munich.

Which is why I moved back here early 2013. Of course I still miss my peeps in MA, but I still consider Munich to be one of the greatest cities (or "big little towns").

Because I've worked with IT and technology companies I became a little bit of a tech geek. I enjoy playing video games (mostly RPGs), photography, meeting friends in a beergarden, reading good books, cooking great food and traveling - and reading about the newest gadgets and future technologies.

  • Work
    • PR and Comms Professional
  • Education
    • Dipl.-BWL (FH)