Andrea Ciacchella

Web Developer, Art Director, and Filmmaker in Terni, Italia

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I started working when I was studying in PG about 1982, for F.lli Fabbri's publications, selling encyclopedias by door-to-door that no one wanted. Always with the same method I started in the battery industry of pots with a special fund that distributed thermal heat evenly over the surface, allowing you to cook at the same dining table. Then always on and little more than twenty years, I started to become an agent of trade for products: jewelry, surgical instruments, bar food, entertainment, etc.. Participated in exhibitions and support contacts and products for different companies in what was then beginning to be defined as business management. At the same time I carried forward to another carrier selling services to the companies.
In the field of services: from financial advertising until the insurance with Toro insurance, in 1988. Since 1993, I began a course of foreign trade between Germany and the Netherlands cars and Italian food. In Spain in Madrid since 1995 I entered the field of computer science, exactly online video production and development of systems for pre-compression of video-images. In 2001, the bursting of the Internet bubble catapulted me to work for semi-public companies such as Iberia and Aena. To return to the boom of the ITC with Vodafone in 2007 and then in CapGemini outsourching until 2009. Since 2010 in Italy again I opened MY LIFE Factory where the web design service we have opened the way to advice to reduce costs in the company and to the optimization of communication systems, the digital and offset printing, always keeping us in the on-board multimedia where we can prove many years of experience and provide quality works at such competitive costs.

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